Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where Did Summer Go?

Wow!  This is the fastest summer that I can ever remember. 
The weather was cooler than usual and it was the first year that Clayton wasn't saying he was bored.  I kept him busy this summer.  First he went to a basketball camp the first week of July and then we went to Fort McMurray for a week to see where Rick stays while he works. Then we went to Osoyoos,B.C. for a week and then Clay went to Camp Rivendell for 5 days.  Clay and I then went back to Fort Mac to see Rick and spend a week there as Rick has worked the entire month of August.  We spent a night with Shannon and Rob and a night with Brandon on the way back.  It was great!

It was back to school yesterday and I can't believe Clay is in grade six this year!  Wow!  He was a little nervous as he wanted to know whom his teacher was going to be.  It turned out that he got a teacher that he had in grade four, part-time, so they know each other.  It is a great feeling to know when your kids are happy!

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