Monday, December 15, 2014

Tulle Wreath

Hello friends! Are you ready for Christmas? I can't believe it's only 10 days until the big day.  I wanted to take some time out of the busy Christmas preparations and create a wreath.

I was inspired by a wreath that I saw on Pinterest.  I didn't have any wreath forms, so I used a wooden embroidery hoop instead.  Actually, two wreaths can be made from the hoops once you separate them.

I bought the tulle at Michael's last year and didn't have a chance to make it until now.  I bought four different colours (white, baby blue, aqua, and silver) of tulle that comes in the rolls.  For the wreath, I measured out strips of 18 inches and then created the wreath by going around the hoop using four of each colour in a pattern.  I didn't knot the tulle, I just created a loop and slipped it through.  Once I was done (I used about 100 strips) I fluffed it up and gave it a haircut so the strips looked even.  I then flipped it over and took my glue gun and glued some snowflake ornaments and some little bell ornaments.

I made this for the Christmas Love Campaign and will be giving this to someone that I can not mention their name as they regularly read my blog.  You can read all about the Christmas Love Campaign here.

I really enjoyed making this wreath but I must warn you, the sparkles in the tulle come off and glitter is EVERYWHERE so I am off to vacuum my house now.  Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by!