Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm So Excited....And I Just Can't Hide It...

I got an email, or shall we say "Peamail" from Two Peas In A Bucket last night while I was up late scrapbooking.  It totally surprised me.  The editor-in-chief of Scrapbooking wrote me and saw my layouts on Two Peas and wanted to know if she could publish my artwork.  The one she wanted was a layout I did last week on my husband Rick and his new car.  I didn't think this layout was anything special, but it was something that she wanted.  It was my original work and it was fun to do.  I think the photo was a fun one and she liked it.  I am so flattered!

I told my youngest son Clayton the news this morning when he woke up and he said he wanted me to do some pages on him.  Too funny!  Usually I can't get a decent photo of Clayton lately as he always puts on a goofy face, but I think he wants his five minutes of fame.

Have a great weekend!

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