Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Been A While...

Things have been very busy lately with Christmas preparations so I haven't really been doing too much scrapbooking.  I did make my Christmas cards this year.  They took about 45 minutes for each card, but I really enjoyed making them.

Today was the first day of trying the new Weight Watcher's program.  I went to my first meeting last night to sign up for the third time.  I am hoping that I will have the strength this time to go the long haul.  The first time I decided to do this lifestyle change was about 6 years ago.  I lost 60 lbs. and felt great.  The second time I tried was about two years ago.  I lost about 25 lbs. and felt great, but was discouraged that the weight was not coming off well.   It does get harder the older a person gets, but I will be 50 next year and I really would rather be fit and 50 than to be fat and 50.  I know signing up for this lifestyle change two weeks before Christmas is crazy, but is it?  I may have to rethink all the baking I would have done and the extra helpings of turkey, but if I can not gain over the holidays, I will be very happy.  I am hoping by the new year I will be very familiar with the new program and be on my way.  It is a matter of being healthy or being unhealthy and I truly am so fed up with my weight problems.

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