Thursday, January 6, 2011

Encouraging Words

As I start on the getting healthy journey, I wanted to share this as it is a daily reading that I subscribe to from The Brave Girls Club.  It is so inspirational!

Dear Wonderful Girl,

Making progress is amazing! Making great progress for many days, weeks or months in a row is a fabulous feeling,
and sometimes we think that we can go forever without making big mistakes and falling down.

Remember, sweet friend, that a big part of the progress is the mistakes that we make -- the times that we fall down --
the stuff we sometimes call failing.

If you were going along great and then you messed up, or something came along and messed you up, don't you dare even
think about quitting! All you've got to do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start over again tomorrow. This is a
part of life that is going to happen over and over again; it does NOT mean you are a failure, it does NOT mean that you are
never going to get there, it does NOT mean that you deserved it. It just means that you are a living and breathing human
being and that you are completely normal!!!

It is going to be ok, lovely, it really is. Tomorrow is a new day. You get to start over. And if you mess up again, there
will be another new day right after it. Just do your best.

You are so loved.

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