Sunday, July 31, 2011

Some More Summer Layouts

Finding time to scrapbook these days is getting to be a challenge with my new job and all the other responsibilities.  It has taken a big bite out my creativity, but I am determined to keep on trying to find the balance.  The last thing I want to happen is to lose my passion for this wonderful art of scrapbooking.  I think I am going to have to evaluate what makes me happy and what is important to me.  Time is such a precious thing and I can not rush my creativity.  It needs to flow and when I get too busy it tends to go away.  Today, I wanted to scrapbook, no matter what else came up.  Sometimes a person has to make the time for what they love and enjoy.  I definitely am in a rut with my layouts, but I wanted to focus more on the photos in these layouts.  I enjoy photography about as much as I enjoy scrapbooking.  They are both things that a person can never stop learning and practicing.

My summer vacation was spent this year in Osoyoos, B.C. Canada.  It is such a great place to unwind.  I love low light photography and we had the perfect place to stay.  It was on the third floor and it overlooked Osoyoos Lake.  I waited until dark and snuck out with my tripod and my 70-200 mm lens to capture the night lights.

I really like the way the lights reflected on the lake in this photo, but I am not too sure what I think of this layout, but it is done and that is that.

One day we went to the Osoyoos Waterslides and Clayton had a blast.  I captured this photo with my Iphone 4.  It isn't the best quality, but I liked that he put his thumbs up when he was coming off of the slide.  It was just at the right moment.  In the layout, I used bright, summer colors and papers from Bo Bunny.

Hope you find time to do what you enjoy today! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. gorgeous LOs, that photo is amazing, and you've set it off beautifully.