Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some Layouts To Share

Today I have two new layouts to share.  My husband has an aunt that we go visit in the nursing home often.  She is 93 years of age and is such a wonderful person.  She was a nurse for many years and worked in Africa in countries such as Kenya and Ethiopia for 30 years helping the sick and she believes that in her career she has delivered over 1000 babies.  She loves children and never got married or had any of her own.  She is such a strong woman and dedicated her entire life to others.  I wanted to create a special layout of this remarkable woman.

Aunt Mary

I also created a layout of my two sons who are 15 years apart in age.  They can still get together and have a great time.  They both love Calaway Park.  I love when my older son comes home and spends time with his little brother.

Splish Splash

It is such a nice spring day here so I think I will go out and enjoy the weather and take some photos.

Have a great day and enjoy your day!


  1. Such different layouts and both so wonderful!!!!!

  2. They are both great layouts!