Friday, December 28, 2012

What Is Your Scrapbooking Style?

What is your scrapbooking style?  Do you know what your style is?  Are you:

Shabby Chic
Clean & Simple

Maybe you are a combination of two or more?  Practical Scrappers has a nice little feature on finding your style.

My style is whatever my mood is and what mood I want to create with my photos and layout.  It can change from one layout to the next.  Yes I am moody! LOL.  I love trying different styles and buying many different colours of patterned paper.  I love trying new techniques and textures.  I sometimes like to focus on the photo and keep the layout clean and simple.  It's fun for me to try changing my photos to black and white or sepia to create a mood or style.  For me, I love colour and am inspired by colour a lot!

In 2012, I created many different styles of layouts, or at least I think I did:

Classic or Sophisticated?
Shabby Chic

Whimsical & Artsy?

Sort of Classic and Shabby Chic?
I am not sure LOL.

After a while, I think my layouts sort of have a similarity to them even though they are different, if that makes any sense LOL.

I have also come to the conclusion that my style can be different with each layout and I do know that I prefer to scrapbook one photo and use a clean design.  I also think I tend to choose the same paper manufacturers over and over again but I love all the different companies.  Two pagers are a challenge for me, but I try to push myself to work outside my comfort zone sometimes.  I definitely do know that I am not really a grungy girl.  One thing I do know for sure is that I like to have fun with my scrapbooking and walk away knowing that  whatever I created felt good for me.  Art to me is something that should make a person feel good.  There are no mistakes in art and a person should not compare their art with others.  It should be soothing to your soul.  

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment on what you think my style is.  I would also love to hear what your style is.  Have a great day!


  1. So many beautiful layouts! I agree, my style changes with each layout! Whimsical, artsy, shabby chic, depends on my mood and the subject!

  2. Gorgeous work Leeanne, my favourite layout is the I love Fall one (or the one above it "together?"). I think I am a simple/quick scrapbooker although since having little ones I dabble in "cutesy" once in a while. I think there might be another category missing: Trendy (someone who likes to use all the new stuff, new patterns & techniques). I think you are a pretty Trendy scrapbooker although you manage to pull off all the styles well! Good work! - Haley

  3. They are all so beautiful. I'm not sure any one category would sum up your style so I would go with TRENDY. You seem to be a master of all of the new patterns and techniques & your style is evolving. Thats a hard thing to do, my stuff just seems to stay the same (but I am fine with that). I am 100% for sure a quick & simple scrapbooker and once in a while I will go cutesy.
    Love your blog!

  4. I love your style Lee-Anne. I`m not sure I could put a name to it. You do so many different styles so well. I`m not sure what my style is either. I love to layer and ink things. Once someone called my style ``earthy organic``, but I`m not sure what that means either. I tend towards earthy colors and like you I struggle with two page layouts. I love to try everything like you do. I would call your style `the Lee-Anne style``.

  5. *sigh* these all make me HAPPY!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee all of your creations!!! You are WOW!!! I still can't decide on my style... lol!! :)

  6. Dear Lee-Anne, I could have write this post myself, hehe! I don´t have a specific style either. I am inspired by photos, papers, scrap-idols, etc... Maybe I'm moody too! I LOVE very bright colors, I'm not pastel, vintage, shabby chic... I am a little graphic, a little artsy and a little sophisticated!
    I love your style, every layout you make is wonderful, very special! WTG!

  7. Great creations! You do have a style that hits many different points on the spectrum. I've always considered myself Clean and Simple, but I feel like the Simple part is becoming a little less of that. I do like a cleaner look, no collagy, shabby chic for me. I love to layer though and try out the new ideas and trends so maybe Trendy is a decent word.

  8. if you mix up steampunk, vintage, artsy and shabby chic, then thats my style. so punkage artsby. LOL