Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Easter Tulle Wreath

Hello friends! Last year I made this tulle wreath for Easter and I thought I would repost it for anyone that might be interested.  Enjoy!

Hello friends! Easter will be here soon.  I love decorating for Easter so I thought I would take some time and decorate my home with a new Easter Tulle Wreath that I created.

To make the wreath, you will need:

1 pair of scissors
4 spools of tulle (pink, lime green, turquoise, lilac) -  I purchased these at Michael's Arts & Crafts
Ornaments for wreath - I purchased the easter egg ornaments from Michael's and the butterflies and flowers embellishments from the Dollar Tree)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
1- 12 Inch floral wire wreath form - (I purchased this from Michael's Arts And Crafts)
1 - 3 inch 3M Adhesive Command Hook - (I purchased this from Walmart)


To begin making the wreath:

Cut several strips of tulle 9 inches long by 2 inches wide.  Cut 60 strips of four colours pink, green, purple and blue. I used seven of each colour and repeated a pattern of pink, purple, green and blue. This works out to 10 of each colour for each section (There are 6 sections for the outer ring).

For the the inside wire of the wire wreath form,  cut 42 strips and (7 of each colour for each section). Again I followed a repeated pattern of pink, purple, green and blue. Again there are 6 sections for the inner ring).

Fold each tulle strip in half and place it underneath the wire and then pull both ends through to make a loop.  This fastens it nicely to the wire without having to glue it. I continued this method around the wreath until it was complete.  Be sure and listen to some great tunes or watch a movie as this will take some time and patience.

After the strips are all completed and tied to the wreath, turn the wreath right side up and fluff it so all the strips are straight and somewhat even.

Place the selected ornaments on the wreath and space them out.  When you are happy with the placement, take the preheated glue gun and hot glue the backside of the ornaments generously with hot glue and press it down on the tulle.

The wreath is now complete!

If you would like to add a hanging ribbon to your wreath so it can be hung on a wreath holder, go ahead and add it. For mine, I hung it on my wall in my eating area using a 3 inch size 3M Adhesive Command Hook.

Please note:  Do not hang this wreath near a heat source or in direct sunlight because tulle is 100% nylon and it will melt.

With these particular spools, I think I have enough tulle and leftover ornaments to create one more wreath.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun making your own tulle wreath.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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  1. WOW!!! you're so talented Lee-Anne, this wreath isfabulous:)