Monday, February 7, 2011

Flowers From My Sweetie

I've always known that I have a keeper and he treats me so good.  The last three weeks have been very difficult for me and my husband knows it isn't easy.  It's not easy on either of us as we really have a long distance marriage for most of the time.  He spoils me and I spoil him and that's what love is all about.  My son asked me the other day what divorce was like and I told him that my first marriage ending in a divorce was the most painful thing I have had to endure.  It was so difficult for my older children and everyone involved.  I told my youngest son that I do not want his daddy and I to have to go through a divorce and that is why it is so important for his parents to spend quality time together when his dad comes home.   A good marriage is hard work, but it really is worth it.  Flowers is one of the ways he spoils me and he surprised me with these flowers.  He won't be here for Valentine's Day so he wanted to give me these today.  I just love the necklace that is on the vase.  I think I will wear it on Valentine's Day when he is back  at work.

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