Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back In The Mac

 It's August and we are taking a trip north to Fort McMurray....this is a canola field about two hours south of  Fort McMurray.
Canola field near Wandering River
Rick, Clay and I are spending the week together in Fort McMurray.  Rick is employed here and I am grateful for the living that Fort McMurray provides for my family.

My Hubby Rick
These photos are from last summer and I plan on taking more this summer, but we just arrived so it will be later this week.  Here is a photo of Rick getting off the bus to greet Clayton after work. 

Greeting Dad As He Gets Off The Bus After His Shift
This is the nice lake we used to camp at and still visit.  It's only 30 minutes south of Fort McMurray and it's a great place to spend a nice summer day.
Gregoire Lake
Just down from where my husband rents a basement suite there are these beautiful trails to walk, rollerblade or cycle on.  They have recently put in exercise equipment along the trails.  So cool!  Time to get in shape so I can use them.
Birchwood Trails

Here is the home where we lived for five years.  It was our first home and Clayton was just 19 months old when we moved there.  We lived there until Clayton was in grade two.  Now the home is for sale again.  Unfortunately it is listed for a whopping price of  $769,000!  It's amazing how houses up here can quadruple in 10 years!

Our home from 2001-2006
 Clayton and I hung out at one of the many spray parks

Waterways Spray Park
Here is my handsome boy,  Clayton

We are looking forward to hanging with some great people.  This is Tracy.

Tracy McKinnon

She is an amazing gal that is a school trustee, a radio station announcer for a family christian radio station here in Fort McMurray, and a great friend.  This is Connor, Tracy's son.

Clayton and Connor

He is an awesome kid who is a terric baseball player.  Clayton and Connor like to hang out, swim, go to movies and play video games.

Well there you have it.  It's going to be another fun time in Fort McMurray and looking forward to hanging out with my husband and son, my peeps, going to the beach,  taking photos,  and maybe do some shopping. 

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  1. Wow...I never knew Fort Mac could look so good!! Fantastic photos, Lee-Anne! BTW, I was up there for work on Monday....lots of bears roaming around apparently. Be careful :)