Sunday, December 17, 2017

Decorating For Christmas

Hello friends! It's so close to Christmas and this year I have taken a special liking to decorating my home. I thought I would share some photos of my tree this year.

I wanted decorate my living room in non-traditional colors. I love the red, green and white, but I wanted to be a little different so I went for teal, which has to be one of my favorite colors, lime green or citron, silver, and pearl.

Pier One Imports had these beautiful angel wings. They are so soft and I thought they would add some softness to the tree since there is a lot of texture going on. I also bought lots of tree picks this year. Some were from Michael's, and some were from a beautiful greenhouse that decorates their store in Christmas decor this time of year. I picked up some cute white doves that clip onto the branches as well. Syd my dog wants to help. Haha!

 This is what my living room looks like at night. The blue lights give it a unique glow and the tree looks totally different at night.

I had a wreath that was decorated in the same ornaments as the tree, so I placed it on top of my picture hanging over the fireplace. For my mantle, I added a flocked snow garland with clear lights, some silver stocking hangers and stockings, some ribbon trees that I crafted a few years ago and a tree and lamp that lights up.

Every year I make at least one new purchase to add to holiday decor. I spotted this adorable candle at Bowrings that lights up and the glitter swirls around inside when it is turned on.

The exterior of my home is also decorated in blue and white. This year my husband added these Kaleidoscope LED lights that project a design onto the exterior. It looks like water reflecting. I love them!

Yay! It snowed a little this week! There was a lot of snow here in November, but it all melted and there has been record breaking temperatures this December so far. Hopefully it won't be a brown Christmas and it will snow a lot on Christmas Eve after all the travellers are at their destinations. 


Maybe next year I will add a tree to my kitchen! My home is rustic, so I think I will add a small tree with kitchen tools, buffalo plaid and woodsy ornaments.

I also decorated my studio with a pink tree and some items that I have crafted ovcr the years. Maybe soon I will add a post of my studio. It has to be tidy first. Haha!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I hope you and your families have a wonderful time this Christmas full of health, happiness and new adventures for 2018.

Happy Holidays!

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