Thursday, June 23, 2011

My New Camera! The Canon EOS 7D!

It was time to upgrade my camera so I headed down to Saneal Camera, located in Calgary at the Southcentre Mall.  They are very knowledgeable and John always takes care of our photography needs.

 I am very happy with my Canon EOS 30D, but wanted more ISO flexibility and more frames per second continuous shooting and the full HD video is a real bonus.  I have been eyeing the Canon EOS 7D for about a year now, but wanted to know my first DSLR camera very well before upgrading to my new 7D.  All my lenses are compatible with my new camera body too!

It will be great to capture some video of my son's Grade Six Farewell tomorrow at my church and also with vacation coming up it is the perfect time.  Now to let the battery charge up and try to sneak in a few "golden hour" photos.

What's going to be really nice is that my husband and I can go out to the mountains and he can use the 30D while I use my 7D.  It's going to be double the fun!  My son went to the zoo on a field trip today and took some great photos of the tigers with his point and shoot. He will be taking photography classes at school next year in grade 7 so I'm sure he will enjoy it too!  We will be the family of shutterbugs!

Enjoy your evening!

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  1. Cool camera! And great that you know how to use it - I'm strictly a "point and shoot" girl. :)
    Hugs xx