Friday, June 3, 2011

My She Art Girl #3 - When I Was 10 Years Old

I just finished my third She Art doll and I wanted to make it a vintage piece.  I searched online for a 1960's girl's vintage clothing image to see what was in style when I was a girl.  I remember having a little top and pants in this style so I used that as my inspiration.  Most of the papers were from October Afternoon's 5 And Dime collection and I am in love with all the vintage papers at the moment.  It really brings back a lot of memories.

She Art Girl No. 3 - When I Was 10 Years Old

This She Art is so therapeutic and good for the soul.  If you get a chance, try one.


  1. I love your She Art projects. I am just starting this course and I'm looking forward to creating mine. Your blog is wonderful! Cheers! Holly

  2. totally awesome~! I'm supposed to be working on my SHE ART too, but May & June have been a bear and I haven't had time to even start!