Saturday, March 27, 2010

Another Day

Well it is Saturday and it really feels like spring is in the air today. I have some windows open and am thinking about all the tasks I want to accomplish this spring. There is purging and organizing and cleaning and raking and getting ready for a garage sale.

Rick has just left to go back to work and I am sad but I will try and keep busy. He most likely won't be home for a few weeks as there is a shutdown in the mine and he will have to work a lot of days. I am sad, but thankful at the same time that he has plenty of work.

Clayton, Rick and I have been going for some good, long, bike rides and I look forward to many more with Clayton. Thanks to Rick for putting gel seat on both of our bikes. It is so hard on the butt to have the original seats! Yikes!

Easter is next week and I plan on having my folks over for dinner so the turkey is bought and I plan on coloring some easter eggs and trying some new embellishing on them. I have some fun ideas that I would like to try and I'll keep you posted.

Not much else is new. Have an awesome Saturday!

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