Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Nice Sunday

I always try to make Sunday a day of rest. I don't know if I can totally rest because meals still have to be made! I usually make a big breakfast on Sundays as we usually sleep in and then go to church on Sunday evenings.

Today my oldest son phoned and it was so nice to talk to him for over an hour. I often thought that when children grow up they don't really need their parents, but I was wrong. They need someone to listen to them, they need encouragement, and they need moral support. I love to watch how my son, who is 25 and my daughter, who is 22 are dealing with adulthood. I am happy to say that they are doing quite well. It is so cool to watch them buy a house and cook meals and be responsible citizens. It makes me feel that parenthood is rewarding!

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