Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cricut Expression 2

Yesterday I bought a Cricut Expression 2!  I can't wait to try it out and create lots of projects with it.  Five years ago, I bought the original Cricut with the 6X12 cutting mats and didn't really use it all that much and it just sat in a closet, but I think this new machine will get used a lot more.  I like the way it is compatible with a Mac as well as a PC now and that it is a 12X12 format.  I also like that it I can use my original Cricut cartridges as well as the newer cartridges.  The Cricut Expression 2 comes with a plethora of images already on the machine and it has wi-fi capability and the new Cricut Craft Room will be handy.  

I also have a Slice, which I like, but I think the Cricut will expand my creativity and be more time saving.  There are pros and cons to both, as I like the way the Slice has a glass cutting mat that you spray with Slice Adhesive and I also like the way it is very small and portable and that you can use it cordless if the machine  is fully charged for about 90 minutes which makes it handy to take to crops.  

The Cricut has it's pros and cons.  I can't say I am not crazy about the cutting mats and they are expensive to replace and are quite large and cumbersome to take to crops, but I like the way I can plan out my page and use different sized images on the same mat and plan up to 6 pages of images.  

So I am going to get familiar with my new toy, that I bought with my birthday money that I got in November and give it a go.  I know there are lots of possibilities to create with fabric, paper, velum, chipboard and vinyl so it should be fun!

Do you have a die cutting machine?  I would love to hear your comments and if you know of any good websites and blogs for the Cricut and Slice.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. This looks wonderful!! I have the original Cricut but don't use it as often as I should!!
    Looking forward to seeing what you create with it.
    Hugs xx