Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Canada -- Published In Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine Summer 2013 Issue

After a very difficult two weeks in my area with all the devastating floods, I wanted to take a moment and reflect about my country Canada.  I am so blessed and thankful to live in a free country and enjoy a beautiful life.  Today is Canada Day and every year on July 1, Canadians celebrates their country.  Usually there is fireworks and sometimes festivities to mark the occasion.  I love my country!

I wanted to share a video that Tom Brokaw, an American journalist, narrates.  It explains our country perfectly:

There are so many Canadian celebrities that I made a list of a few of them.  Some are musicians, actors, actresses, singers and athletes:

Ryan Reynolds
Avril Lavigne
Elisha Cuthbert
Justin Bieber
Howie Mandel
Jim Carrey
Keanu Reaves
Kim Cattrall
Mario Lemeiux
Michael Buble
Mike Myers
Nathon Fillion 
Nelly Furtado
Neve Campbell
Chad Kroeger
Ryan Gosling
Rachel McAdams
Sandra Oh
Shania Twain
Wayne Gretzky
William Shatner
Celine Dion
Donald Sutherland
John Candy
Leslie Nielsen
Eugene Levy
Paul Gross
Michael J. Fox
Bryan Adams
Alanis Morisette
Jann Arden
Diana Krall
Carly Rae Jepsen
Anne Murray
Sarah McLachlin 
K.D. Lang
Paul Anka
Gordon Lightfoot
Dave Thomas
Pamela Anderson
Dan Akroyd

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  1. Beautiful! LOVING the photos, the balloon and the title work! And I am almost a Canadian *wink* ... I spent every weekend there as a child :)

  2. What a beautiful page you made. Big congrats on the publication!
    I love the clean look of the photos and that large title adds a lot of interest. I m experimenting with some fonts to make titles with my Cameo at the moment and am having so much fun!!

  3. It must have been terribly difficult in your area (Calgary/central Alberta?) and hopefully you were not displaced. I am from southern Alberta and thankfully we were spared but our hearts go out to those who lost much or everything!

  4. As someone from southern Alberta, we were mercifully spared but our hearts go out to the many from the affected areas who lost much or everything! It must have been devastating. Hopefully you were not displaced but if so, know that we in other areas of Canada are thinking and hoping for good outcomes.