Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Book Of Awesome

There is a book that I have heard about named "The Book Of Awesome".  It talks about looking at all the little things in life that make it special.  Some people would say they are trivial thngs, but it teaches to not take the small things for granted.

Today I tried to look at life with a new optimism.  There aren't enough hours in a day and it seems like I want to pack so much into a day as life can be so exciting!  There are so many little things I can appreciate.  So many things that make a day special.  Sure there is our families and friends, but there are also things like books and hobbies and trying a new recipe.  I rarely ever get bored because I think of all the possibilities.

I need to embrace living one day at a time and baby steps in so many areas of daily living.  Patience is something that can be learned.

I am going to do a facelift on my blog, once I learn how to do some new techniques.  It is so therapeutic to type away my thoughts on a computer.  I also want to scrapbook and take pictures with my camera  to express myself.   This is going to be the year of optimism and expression. 

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