Friday, April 18, 2014

My Studio Featured At Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!

Today on the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine Blog, my studio is being featured.  Check it all out here!

WHERE YOU CREATE with Lee-Anne Thornton

Here are some random photos of my studio.  It still is a work in progress and I have another room in the basement that I am continuously adding to my new room.    

 My distress inks are all tucked away in some Ikea drawers that are on wheels that I have tucked underneath my table.

 My Silhouette Cameo is used so much that I have it placed beside my table with drawers to keep the mats, extra die cuts and card stock stored away.

 The cubes are all grey and there are two sets of Expedit from Ikea.  I can add fabric boxes as needed.  I also bought some black canvas boxes from the dollar store to store my embellishments.

 Raskog Carts from Ikea come in the colours grey and aqua.  I love them! One stores my ribbon for making Christmas Crafts and the other is for all my paints, mists, brushes and mixed media supplies.  I love that they roll to the table so I have access to them.

 This photo was my studio at Christmas.  I had a little pink Christmas tree on the Expedit and some star lights to give it a festive look.

 My studio isn't complete without my cat Sheldon hanging out with me.  He wants to know that I love him more than my scrapbooking.  He usually sleeps on a blanket at my feet.

 I have some shelves up and add my projects that I have just worked on recently

Thanks to my wonderful hubby for such a wonderful birthday gift.  He bought all the furniture from Ikea and assembled it himself and we are still married. Hahahaha.  It is a work in progress and I am yet to finish organizing it.  I still have the papers to organize in the closet and put my art on the walls.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


  1. wonderful!! off to have a look..x

  2. Whoo hoo... how wonderful. Congratulations it is a beautiful space :D