Friday, April 9, 2010

Back To The Grind

Rick had to leave yesterday and go back to work on shutdown as it is delayed a few days. It was great that he was able to come home for 4 days. We took advantage of his time home and went to see the movie "How to Train A Dragon" in 3D. It was a great movie for all ages. It had some laughs and some romance and some just plain fun.

Our range had broke on Easter, so we bought a new range at Sears in Okotoks. It has a ceramic cooktop and also features convection. I can't wait to have it next Tuesday when it will be delivered.

On Wednesday, April 7, we went to the Calgary Zoo. Rick has never seen the zoo, which I can't believe, and he loved it. Sure, he's seen it at Zoolights, but it was dark and there were no animals. We took the camera gear and he had fun shooting all the animals. We went later in the day at around 3:00 p.m. so it was starting to thin out with people and it was perfect for viewing and taking photos. We practically had the place to ourselves. The "Dinosaurs Alive" was a new feature and it was amazing how the dinosaurs were mechanical. Clayton was a bit apprehensive at first, but enjoyed it once he realized they don't bite.

After the zoo, we went for supper to "The Cheesecake Cafe" and had a burger and our favorite dessert, Cheesequake. That will be the last splurge on dessert for a while.

Rick's Dad's 85th birthday was April 8 and we went to see him after our dinner to visit.

Thursday, Rick headed back to the Mac and there was a storm warning and the wind really started to howl. Luckily he was north of Edmonton when I heard on TV that there was a 50 car pileup near the Olds overpass on QEII.

Today the Mac had 30 cm of snow and Rick is so glad he didn't take the winter tires off the vehicles!

Clayton and I are spending the day at home. He is playing his games and I am doing laundry and purging stuff to get ready for the garage sale.

I made a recipe named "Zesty Penne, Sausage and Peppers" from Taste of Home that was really good. I will post the recipe:

It was discussed yesterday with Rick that we would go on a summer vacation to Osoyoos again this year. We had such a great time last year and the weather was hot and sunny most of the time. I had decided to cancel "Crop and Cruise" in November as Rick didn't think he could get that much time off in November. I am a bit disappointed, but we had an awesome trip to Punta Cana in February and we are still going to have a week at the condo we stayed in at Osoyoos so life is still very good. I think it is a bit soon to take the scrapbooking cruise unless Rick and Clayton come with me.

Well that's all for the last few days. The weekend is among us and Clayton goes back to school on Monday after a restful spring break.

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