Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still Hunting...

I went into Calgary today and shopped at Penningtons. I came home with three nice dresses, three tops and two pairs of earrings all for the incredible price of $142.00. That's how I shop. The good news is that the merchandise was over $300 but I had 5 coupons.

Coupons is how I shop these days. This week we used coupons for many different things. The movies, 5 times the airmiles at Safeway, A&W, The Cheesecake Cafe, The Calgary Zoo, and now Penningtons. It feels really good to save money. In these tighter times, it is great to get a bargain.

I was going to wear one of the dresses to Shannon's wedding, but I went to my parents house to model them and Mom thinks I can get something dressier. If it doesn't happen this week, I will have to look into getting a dress made. Mauve is the color I would really like.

It is purge time at my house as I plan on having a garage sale this spring. Two large orange bags full of my clothes just went to Goodwill and I really hope that someone less fortunate can make use of them.

I know I have to count my blessings, even though I miss Rick so much and sometimes want to move back to Fort Mac. I am thankful that he has a job. I know the unemployment rate in Alberta is at a 14 year high. That is disturbing, but the oil industry has really taken a beating this year.

Yes we have to pay a mortgage and rent for his place, but I am still thankful he has work. I know that unemployment is very stressful. My first marriage wasn't easy. My former husband was without work for almost a year and it was the worst year of our lives. Hopelessness and losing a home is not a fun thing.

I have realized that there are problems and then there are problems and when I get discouraged, I think about my many blessings. It could be a lot worse.

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