Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life Is For Living

It has been a jam packed week for sure. It has been fun to get out of the house every day this week and do some shopping. I was stuck for 6 months in the house this winter studying. It is all for a good cause. Shannon my daughter is getting married May 22 and it is creeping up fast. This week I found some silver shoes, an evening purse and a dress to wear to the wedding. It has been a huge challenge finding a dress that fits me properly as I am top heavy. I must have ordered five different dresses from the Sears Catalogue and nothing fit. I was getting desperate and my last resort was to get a dress sewn, but I finally was able to find a dress at Laura Plus.

My stove broke down the day before Easter Sunday when I was supposed to cook a turkey for my parents. We got a new one this week. It has convection and a ceramic cooktop. I love it.

Tomorrow is Camp Croppin. This will be my third year at Camp Croppin. I will be taking 4 classes so not much time to scrap, but I really don't mind as I don't find I get much done at crops. To me, it's all about learning and socializing with people who enjoy the same fabulous hobby.

I am missing my husband a lot. He has been gone for over a week now and will be home in another two weeks. I try to keep busy, which I have. He is an awesome husband, provider and he is my best friend. He sacrifices so much for Clayton and I.

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