Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Awesome Camera Bag

Thanks to Canadian Scrapbooker's Magazine and Connie Nichol, for sharing a website for custom made camera bags.  It is just what I have been looking for as it would be nice to have a camera bag that looks like a regular purse, but doesn't look too touristy.   It is designed by an award winning photographer and fits a DSLR camera and two lenses.  One pouch is big enough to fit my 70-200 mm lens so that's a bonus!  Here is one of them:

 It will take a few weeks to be made and shipped from the U.S. but it will be worth it.  Check out her link:


It is supposed to take about 3 weeks to make and 2-3 weeks for shipping.  Here are some of the awesome bags to choose from:


The one I ordered is Old World Brocade and Leather DSLR Camera Bag

I am looking forward to it!  It's a little gift to myself.

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