Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photography Is The Eye's Extension To The Soul

I love photography.  It really didn't become a passion of mine until I started to scrapbook my family about eight years ago.  Scrapbooking and photography really go hand in hand because in order to document and create memories in a scrapbook, it really helps to know how to take some awesome photos to put into those scrapbooks.

On Mother's Day 2007, my husband gave me a DSLR camera.  It was very intimidating to me and I really found it awkward and heavy but over the next few years I have taken thousands of photos and tried to learn the ins and outs of my camera.  Over the last four years, the passion has continued to grow.  In September, 2010,  I enrolled in an online photography course.  I have a year to complete the course to obtain my diploma. As I slowly work through the course, I have come  to  the  realization that I am not a people photographer, but I love photographing landscapes, architecture, animals, wildlife, flowers, and food.  I love nature so much and my definition of a perfect day is to drive to the mountains with my husband and photograph mountains, waterfalls, streams, trees, a herd of elk,  or a beautiful wildflower in a meadow.  It is where I feel the most peace and serenity.

Spring is my favorite season and as I am dusting off those lenses and setting up the tripod, it is calling me.  It is telling me to go find all the beauty that God has given us.  I saw a quote this week on some photography website and it says:

 "One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you'd be stricken blind" - Dorthea Lange

Life is precious, life is short.  Enjoy the journey and live every day by taking a photograph.  Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by.

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