Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Cruise

My husband and I like to go for cruises in our car in the spring, summer and fall and it's just about time to put the "other woman" in storage as my husband doesn't drive it in the winter as we have harsh winters here.  It was a beautiful fall day here and wanted to share some photos of our day.

A cute little church and The Three Sisters from our table view

This sweetie was on our walk


Loved this bear in the shop that we browsed in

Cool wall of clocks

Did I mention I love bears?

Wouldn't these be great in a media room?

Playful Grizzly Cubs

Spirit Bear

Beautiful art of The Three Sisters

Gorgeous horse wall mural

My cruisin' buddy

View of Barrier Lake

Barrier Lake,  Kananaskis Country

The "other woman" hubbie's Camaro

Alpine Meadow

A nice fall hike at Highwood Pass

Moon ready to go behind the clouds

Big Rock

Mountain Sunset

Looking back through the side mirror of the sunset

Pink Skies

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