Monday, October 29, 2012

13 Years Ago Today....

My life changed in an awesome way!  My youngest son was born on a beautiful fall day.  Wow!  Thirteen years today.

Clayton has been such a blessing and he has kept me young.  My older two children are now grown up and both married.  My oldest son is 27 and daughter is 25 and now my youngest son is 13.  Yes, it is like having two families, but I feel very blessed and can't imagine Clayton not being in my life.  He has always been a very quiet boy with a great sense of humour.

Clayton - ages 3 months to 9 years old

Clayton 2012 

Happy birthday son and I hope your teen years are fun and that you continue to grow and become a fine young man.


  1. Happy birthday Clayton!
    You have some gorgeous photos of him Lee-Anne!
    Hugs xx

  2. Happy birthday Clayton! What a charming boy! :)