Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Creative Scrapbook Tutorial - Create A Background With An Acid Free Pen, Mist, And Stencil

Hello friends!  Today I am on the My Creative Scrapbook blog sharing a quick tutorial on how to use an acid free pen, a stencil, and spray mist to add color and detail to a white background.

You will need:


An acid free black pen, 
A small piece of cellophane (I used the packaging from the stencil and cut it in half)
A Stencil
A spray mat or something to place your project on to project your work surface such as a large piece of poster board or kraft paper. 


Place the stencil on the 12 X 12 piece of white card stock as shown on my layout.  I placed it on the bottom left corner and top right corner.
Take the acid free black pen and trace it around the shape of the stencil. 

When the ink is dry, spray some spray mist on a paper plate or craft mat

With the cellophane, crumple it in your hand into a ball and place the cellophane in the pool of spray mist.  The cellophane is difficult to photograph as it is transparent.

Stamp the cellophane that is loaded with mist onto the traced stencil design as I have done below. Let dry.

Take the spray mist bottle and CAREFULLY unscrew the cap and use the spray tube to splatter additional mist droplets onto the white card stock.

I really like the effect that the stencil and the cellophane "stamp" creates.  Once the mist is dry,  it's time to design your layout.  Have fun!
    I hope you enjoyed this little technique on how to use a stencil and mist in a creative way on all your paper crafting projects.

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