Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mmmm Dessert Of The Week

Lemon Cheesecake In My Pyrex Cups

I have always been a fan of sweets and desserts.  Give me a slice of pie, or a gooey chocolate chip cookie any day over a bag of potato chips and I'm in heaven.

Reality is that I have to watch what I eat more than ever before to keep the health and waistline in check so I limit my desserts to once a week and then I make it one to savour.

Anything lemon, whether it's pie, bread or cake has always been one of my favourites and when I came across this recipe by My Baking Addiction on Pinterest, I just had to make it. 

Costco has a nice size bag of lemons that I purchased as I like to use lemons for many different reasons such as cooking, baking, in my glass of water, squeezing lemon on fish and vegetables,  and freshening up my garburator and counters.  It doesn't break the bank buying them in bulk if it's something that I use a lot of.  If I buy a single lemon at the local grocery store, it costs about one dollar each and I can get a 5 pound bag of lemons at Costco for around $5.99!  

I don't have the cute little jars, but I found my 6 Pyrex cups worked just fine.  I cut the calories a bit by adding Cool Whip Light on top and also using Philadelphia Light Cream Cheese.  Raspberries are also in season and I had some mint leaves from a Watermelon Feta Salad recipe that I am going to try.  

The lemon curd is quite sweet, so I cut back on the sugar by two tablespoons and it was still plenty sweet for my liking.

Mix Graham Crumbs And Press Down The Graham Cracker Crumbs in Pyrex Cups
Put Pressed Down Crumbs In Water Bath On Baking Sheet
Mix The Sugar And Lemon Rind Well
Ready To Bake
Top Cooled Cheesecake With Lemon Curd
Serve With A Dollop Of Cool Whip Light Or Real Whipped Cream

It is really difficult to have just one.  Enjoy!

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  1. Drooling here...that looks so yummy...I love lemony puddings! Thanks for the link...:)
    Hugs xx